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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer assistance with sourcing, inspection, purchasing and transport to depot or port?

Yes, we maintain close contact with main caravan dealers. We are able to source caravans via online sites together with arranging inspection, payment by bank transfer and collection from dealer or seller to our depots or direct to the port of exit.

Where is your nearest depot and can I deliver to?

We accept caravans at Abingdon, Hull, Southampton, Felixstowe and Leeds for loading into containers. Caravans or motorhomes that will not fit into container, we can accept at Southampton.

Which ports do you ship from?

We book space on vessels departing Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway ports depending on the destination country and port.

I am looking to buy ‘xyz’ caravan and will this fit in a container?

At our depots we can load caravans with max overall width 230 cms and max overall height 250 cms. Any caravans that do not fit into container we can arrange to ship basis Roll on Roll off (RoRo). The dimensions include any fixed items that cannot be easily removed from the caravan body.

Can I ship accessories and personal belongings with my caravan or motorhome?

Providing they do not contain any hazardous cargo, personal items can either be placed inside the caravan or inside the container along with the caravan. No personal belongings are allowed to be placed inside the motorhomes for shipping using a RoRo container.

What documentation do you need to ship my caravan or motorhome ?

We need an export sales invoice stating the full make and model, the VIN details along with sales amount and full sellers and buyers address details.

Do you offer insurance while the caravan or motorhome is in your care and during shipping?

Yes, we can arrange freight and transit insurance. We can provide you with a quote and relevant terms and condition at the point of booking.

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